Tips for Making Products Look Great in Your Cabinets

Tips for Making Products Look Great Inside Your Cabinets

Visual organization is achieved by grouping items by size, color, texture, and type and is the key to make products look great inside your cabinets. The goal is to create a boutique, model home look and feel for yourself at home. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you say, “Wow! I love my new home; I’ve never seen my belongings arranged this way before!”

As you place consumable products on shelves in the pantry, bathrooms, and other areas, show the label and arrange items as they would appear on a store shelf.vThis helps you to see what you have, find what you need, and shop from your own supplies.

Determine placement of each item based on scale. Think about big things in big spaces and small things in small spaces.

Group items in neat categories even before making the ultimate placement inside cabinets, closets, drawers or shelving.

Show the folded edge of all fabric items stored on shelves (towels, sheets, blankets, sweaters) for a neat and finished look.

Group food pantry items like a grocery store with all labels facing forward and seams at the back.

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