home organization ideas for every room

Home Organization Ideas for Every Room in the House

Here’s a few simple tips to incorporate home organization ideas into every cabinet, closet, drawer, and storage space and room in your home.


  • Always put items close to where they will be used.
  • Have one central location for all papers.
  • Organize your food pantry into sections: tomato products and pasta, dry cereals, baking ingredients, canned goods, etc., with labels facing forward.
  • Have a place in your laundry room for hangers where you can take clothes immediately out of the dryer and hang them up so they won’t wrinkle.
  • Have a designated place for your everyday carry items like keys, wallet, purse, and backpacks when you come in the house every night so you always know where they are.
  • Keep a running grocery list.
  • Store all your cleaning products in one location like a cabinet or bin so you always know what products you have for any type clean up. It may be helpful to have a place upstairs and downstairs for cleaning products so you don’t have to carry them up and down steps every time you need them.
  • Use white cotton rags to clean household surfaces. These can be washed and reused and save the expense of using paper towels.
  • Make a list of pet instructions, a travel packing list, and a plan to stay in touch with family and friends in an emergency, etc. and make it text-able.
  • Have drawer dividers in your kitchen drawers for all the different types of utensils: wooden, sharp, serving, eating. Put them away in the correct spot each time you unload the dishwasher.
  • Separate utensils in the dishwashing compartments: spoons, forks, knives. It’s easier to put them away when clean.
  • Go through the clothes in your closet seasonally. If you didn’t wear something in the last two years, you likely won’t wear it in the next two years either.
  • Have items in your guest room such as extra towels, soaps, shampoos, clock, bathrobe, extra hangers, light bulbs that work, and fresh batteries in the TV remote.
  • Have a section in your storage area for seasonal decorations . Label each box with the season’s contents.
  • Keep an organizer in your car for all the little things that roll around in the trunk.

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