Get Organized and Unpacked After Moving

Moving from one house to another is d.i.s.r.u.p.t.i.v.e and the quickest way to remedy that is to get organized and unpacked.  Unpacking all the boxes and getting settled-in soon after moving is the goal. Every house lives differently and deciding the best way to organize all the new spaces is daunting, at first.

We’ll be creating a place for all the home essentials. Have you ever heard the expression, “A place for everything and everything in its place?” It doesn’t really matter about where to start and what to do first to get those boxes unpacked.

Choose the room that will help you out the most if it were organized. For many people it’s either the Kitchen or the Primary Bedroom and Bathroom. However, if you have a newborn it may be the Nursery and if you are a thriving Entrepreneur, it may be best to get the Home Office set up first so you don’t skip a beat.

Think about the Big Picture – getting out of boxes – and resist the urge to organize with a lot of detail, for now. There will be plenty of time for that later. In the beginning, you want to utilize the cabinets, closets, drawers, and storage spaces that came with the house.

Organized and Unpacked

The key to getting unpacked and organized quickly is to focus on the key unpacking and organizing principles:

  1. Broad sort, then funnel down to a more detailed sort, based on time.
  2. Create large categories, not minute categories.
  3. Small pieces is a category.
  4. Paper (not a filing system) is a category.
  5. Do not get lost in “minutia-land.”
  6. No alphabetizing.
  7. Do not remove moving stickers from furnishings until after you’ve thoroughly inspected for damages.

Basic Organizing Principles

Think like retailers when arranging products on shelves and in closets:

  1. Group like-items together. 
  2. Create zones.
  3. Items used most often are close to where they will be used.
  4. Items used less often are stored further away.
  5. Heavy things on bottom.
  6. Lightweight things on top. 
  7. Dark colors on bottom.
  8. Lighter colors on top.

Unpacking generally begins with the main living level (kitchen, pantry, living room, dining room, laundry room, etc.) and the master suite, wherever it may be located within the home. It is best to complete the entire first floor, then proceed to the second floor, and finish with the basement level. Hanging artwork and placing decorative accessories are usually reserved for last.

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