Container Without a Lid or a Container With a Lid

With a Lid or Without – Which Storage Container is Best?

Adding a storage container to a cabinet, closet, drawer, or bookshelf keeps similar items grouped together. How do we know when to choose a container with a lid or a container without a lid?

Storage comes in all shapes and sizes, with lids and without. Containers are the best tools for visually organizing a space and containing the mess. They give items a definite home and make a collection of items feel as if they belong together.

Do you prefer to see things out in the open or would you like for it to be tucked away?

An open container is one with no lid and can be a box, bin, or basket. They have the advantage of easy, reach-in access. There’s no lid to take off or drawer to open to get to the items contained inside.

The downside with an open container is the contents may look messy. If a clean, clutter-free look is the goal this may not work with the style you’re looking for. Open top containers also don’t protect items from dust, light, or spills.

The items on this bookshelf are organized by category in the baskets and magazine file boxes, but it’s not very organized to look at. When working from a home office, it’s nice to arrange things with a bit of style so we’ll add some boxes and drawers to hide the contents on the shelves in the photo below.

Closed storage containers have a lid and can be stacked to maximize space. When choosing between open and closed containers, consider how the container will be used and how you want it to look.

Can’t decide between open and closed storage? Consider using pull out drawers to conceal items when the drawer is closed (like the boxes from IKEA we used in the photo above). When open, the drawers allow easy reach-in access to the contents inside. When choosing between a stack of bins, or a stack of drawers, choose drawers. They’ll be much easier to use everyday than the stack of bins.

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