Hello, I'm Melinda Anderson. Welcome to our home online!

I’ve helped hundreds of busy people just like you to escape a hectic home environment and have the beautifully organized home they’ve always wanted. It starts with simplicity. And a list.

Hello and welcome, I’m Melinda Anderson.

I didn’t initially set out to tackle the world of clutter. I learned firsthand about the art of organization after eleven years of moving, unpacking, sorting and resettling my family during a series of corporate transfers. I have unpacked boxes, categorized, put away, stored, donated, recycled, simplified, and organized almost every household item imaginable – r.e.p.e.a.t.e.d.l.y.

The process for getting unpacked and settled-in within a week of delivery allowed us to immediately be able to focus on new job responsibilities and get back to the normal daily routines of cooking meals, doing laundry, going to work, and exercising + a hundred other little things. Essentially, life stood still until we put everything away with some logical semblance of order so we could function every day and go to work and the kids could go to school.

Quickly recovering from the stress of the relocation process was a win-win for everyone involved. Like a BIG win.

If you’re ready to eliminate unnecessary steps in your daily routine so you can save time and focus your energies and free time on living a full life, let’s get started by downloading the Southern Home Organizers Starter Guide and Bonus: Tools of the Trade checklist.

This will give you a head’s up, and it’s free.

Think of it as a welcome gift from me to you for stopping by.

Happy organizing,


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