Home Staging and Organizing

When selling a home, presentation matters as much as making a good first impression. Walking into a beautifully organized home that pulls you in with its ease and functionality speaks volumes. When you show buyers just how comfortable they will be in your home, it will stick in their mind.

One of the most important things you can do to sell your house quickly and for the highest price possible is to “stage” it. Our services go way beyond advising you to clean out your closets and bake bread or cookies before prospective home buyers tour your home. We want buyers to see a vision of the future when they walk in. You need them to imagine themselves walking through that door ten years from now, still amazed and still in love with their home purchase.

We work to ensure one room flows into the next, eliminate clutter that detracts from the home, and then we edit and arrange the furnishings and accessories. Our philosophy is simple: you are not only selling a house, you are selling a lifestyle. Buyers are more interested in a home when it looks like daily chores are easy to do and the house is easy to keep organized.

Staging is often done together with the organizing process. De-cluttering, along with discarding and donating items you don’t plan to move to your new home reduces the cost of moving (since moving fees are based on weight and box count). To schedule a home staging and organizing appointment, call 770-595-0893.