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Melinda Anderson

Hi, I’m Melinda Anderson.

I didn’t initially set out to tackle the world of clutter. I learned firsthand about the art of organization after 11 years of moving, unpacking, sorting and resettling my family during a series of corporate transfers. After 15 years in corporate America, I realized that doing something connected to my passion, helping others to create a home they love, was worth stepping out on.

In 2004, I walked away from my career in banking and began an unpacking and organizing service to help busy professionals get organized after a corporate relocation.

For the next 16 years I worked with a diverse clientele of successful women to get organized at home so they could perform at their peak. I installed organizational upgrades such as hooks, racks, and containers for more efficient use of closets, garages, and storage areas, and helped my clients organize their “stuff” so they could decorate their new home and make it the perfect home for them.

I loved discovering what makes people feel relaxed and comfortable with regards to home organization and the interior environment, and then making it happen for them. 

I’ll be revealing the secrets professional organizers use to get organized. I’ve been a practicing professional organizer since 2004 and a Certified Professional Organizer since 2007. Organizing is my jam!

I haven’t seen it all but I’ve seen LOTS during the 7000+ hours I spent in the homes of my clients, helping them to sort out their belongings and create an organized home that supports their lifestyle.

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