About Us

Our company philosophy is simple – to make each home visually pleasing as well as functional. Your home is an important aspect of your health and well-being. It should be your haven from the outside world. What we see on a daily basis and what surrounds us at home affects our attitude, our mood and our quality of life.

In 2004, owner Melinda Anderson had a realization: moving can be a handful. After 11 years of moving, unpacking, sorting and resettling her own family during a series of corporate transfers, she couldn’t help but notice that she had a natural knack for getting things done – and quickly. In those 11 years her family was relocated 7 times (yes, 7!) and each time she had to not only figure out how to move their belongings but also how to move their talents, memories, and peace of mind.

Having someone else to take care of unpacking and finding the perfect place for everything really would have helped her clear space in her mind for the rest. So, she founded Southern Home Organizers to become the bright spot at the end of the relocation process for busy people on the move. Each service we offer today is one that she wished had existed when her family was in high-stress relocation mode.

The experiences Melinda went through gave her a purpose: helping others in similar situations to get organized after a move, as well as for those who have lived in the same home for years. She realized that there is something more left in homes than just the people living in them; every piece of you is a part of your representation, and disorganization can really throw off who you are and how you’re presented.

Since 2004, Southern Home Organizers has helped hundreds of clients in Atlanta simplify and organize everything from the most public spaces in their home to the most private drawers and files. This is your world: let us make a space for everything you hold dear. We partner with you to create the organized, healthy, relaxing home you’ve been dreaming of.

Melinda Anderson’s Credentials Include:

  • Certified Professional Organizer since 2007, and 1 of only 9 in the State of Georgia having met specific qualifications through examination and client interaction
  • Member of National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) since 2004
  • NAPO-GA member
  • Golden Circle level member of NAPO
  • Past NAPO-GA Membership Director
  • Past NAPO-GA Secretary
  • Current NAPO-GA Historian
  • NAPO-GA Volunteer of the Year
  • Studied Home Staging with Christine Rae, author of Home Staging for Dummies
  • Studied Home Staging with Barb Schwarz, creator of the home staging industry and author of The Winning Way to Sell Your House for More Money
  • Contestant on the Reality Series Project Launchpad, that follows a group of entrepreneurs vying for the Business Makeover of a Lifetime
  • Atlanta Consumers’ Choice Award winner for Home Organization Consultant
  • Intern and Production Assistant in the Wardrobe Department on The Walking Dead

Southern Home Organizers has been in the Press: TV, magazines, and newspapers have interviewed us!