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Our team of professional organizers quickly turn your house into a

Southern Home Organizers is Best of Gwinnett

comfortable new home and alleviate the stress of a household in disarray. The boxes are unpacked and your belongings are arranged and organized within cabinets, closets, drawers, and storage places, and the kitchen is fully functioning on the first day.

For professionals and families in transition, our team of professional organizers unpacks and organizes the contents of your moving boxes in a matter of hours. Getting settled in quickly means you can concentrate on work responsibilities, meeting the new neighbors, and resuming your regular routines.

Our Executive Move-In services are customized to fit your priorities and can include:

  • Kitchen items unpacked, organized, and arranged in cabinets to fit the type cook you are. Plates and glassware sets are matched and small appliance parts are reassembled and ready for use.
  • Clothing, shoes, and accessories are organized in closets and drawers so it reminds you of your favorite boutique.
  • Toiletries and linens are sorted and placed in cabinets and closets.
  • Other household items are unpacked and put away in bedrooms, the dining room, and living areas.
  • Furniture and accessory placement is available for clients who are not currently working with an interior designer or decorator.
  • Moving boxes are always broken down and stacked for pick-up or curbside recycling.


Many companies offer relocation organizing services as a way to make the relocation process easier on the employee and their family. Professional unpacking and organizing services go above and beyond the traditional unpacking services offered by the moving company and allow the relocated executive to immediately be able to focus on their new job responsibilities.


Our philosophy, our goal, and our pleasure is to maximize the existing space in your home and place your belongings so you can easily see what you need and use what you have.

Our client list includes entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, writers, CEOs, business owners, busy moms and other overworked people in Metro Atlanta who want to organize their home life so they can perform at their peak.

Melinda Anderson, Certified Professional Organizer, brings her friendly southern style and tireless effort to every project she works on, assuring you an enjoyable experience while accomplishing your organizing goals.

Certified and insured.


Southern Home Organizers is Best of GwinnettMelinda Anderson, CPO, is a member of NAPO's Golden Circle with 10+ years membership in this elite group